Common Worship Almanacs
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Liturgical Calendar and Lectionary files for Apple, Google, Outlook, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows
and other calendar software

Common Worship Almanacs


>Outlook csv file

>Apple iCal file

>Apple iPhone and iPad

>Iambic Agendus for Windows – Palm Desktop Edition

>vCalendar file for Palm Desktop for Windows and others

>vCalendar file for Palm Desktop for Macintosh

>Microsoft Entourage

>Palm Desktop Archive


Since 2005-6, the Lectionary has been compiled from the source Common Worship source calendar and lectionary tables, as amended by General Synod from time to time.

The files are offered free of any charge, and without warranty. As you can imagine it takes some effort to compile. If you would like to make a contribution to my costs then donations of Amazon gift vouchers are a convenient method. These can be purchased online at Amazon and delivered by email to .

These files are made available free of charge. Furthermore I disclaim all responsibility for any consequences of any errors in the files. My liability is limited to making available an updated version of the archive. Please help by pointing out any errors.

The 2003, 2004 and 2005 Lectionaries are derived from data provided by Church House Publishing. The above disclaimer also applies to these files.


For further information or suggestions email me, Simon Kershaw, <>

Simon Kershaw
22 October 2011