Common Worship Almanacs for 2013–14
for desktop calendars, smartphones and PDAs

Liturgical Calendar and Lectionary files for Apple, Google, Outlook, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows
and other calendar software

Download a complete calendar and lectionary ‘almanac’ for the liturgical year beginning on Advent Sunday 2013, and ending on the eve of Advent Sunday 2014.

This almanac is available in a number of formats for Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal, iPhone or iPad and for other vCalendar-compatible calendar applications. It can be synced from a desktop calendar to other an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or other Smartphones and PDAs such as RIM’s Blackberry. The Calendar can also be loaded into Google Calendar and synced to an Android device.

To preview the data that is available, use the ‘web page’ option below. For further information and instructions on each version, click on the appropriate sub-heading in the Instructions section. (Note that there is a minor glitch in the web page formatting which produces ocasional incorrect links from bible passages. This is glitch is not present in the actual Almanac download.)


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The 2013-14 Almanac contains several additional sets of lectionary data which can optionally be included in any download:

Further details about the first two can be found at the Church of England website here.


Click on the appropriate item to show the corresponding information.

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Sunrise and Sunset

Calculate the times of sunrise and sunset for your UK location, and import to your calendar. See crosscal.

Simon Kershaw
31 October 2013