Common Worship Almanacs for 2007–8
for desktop calendars, smartphones and tablets

Liturgical Calendar and Lectionary files for Apple, Google, Outlook, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows
and other calendar software

Download a complete calendar and lectionary ‘almanac’ for the liturgical year beginning on Advent Sunday 2007, and ending on the eve of Advent Sunday 2008.

This almanac is available in a number of formats for Palm Datebook, Apple iCal, and Microsoft Outlook, and for other vCalendar-compatible calendar applications.


>Palm Desktop for Windows dba archive

>Iambic Agendus for Windows – Palm Desktop Edition

>vCalendar file

>Palm Desktop for Macintosh vCalendar file

>Apple iCal file

>Microsoft Entourage

>Outlook csv file


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Sunrise and Sunset

Calculate the times of sunrise and sunset for your UK location, and import to your calendar. See crosscal.

Simon Kershaw
30 May 2007