2 Forgive your neighbour the wrong he has done,
   and then your sins will be pardoned when you pray.
3 Does anyone harbour anger against another,
   and expect healing from the Lord?
4 If someone has no mercy towards another like himself,
   can he then seek pardon for his own sins?
5 If a mere mortal harbours wrath,
   who will make an atoning sacrifice for his sins?
6 Remember the end of your life, and set enmity aside;
   remember corruption and death, and be true to the commandments.
7 Remember the commandments, and do not be angry with your neighbour;
   remember the covenant of the Most High, and overlook faults.

8 Refrain from strife, and your sins will be fewer;
   for the hot-tempered kindle strife,
9 and the sinner disrupts friendships
   and sows discord among those who are at peace.
10 In proportion to the fuel, so will the fire burn,
   and in proportion to the obstinacy, so will strife increase;
in proportion to a person’s strength will be his anger,
   and in proportion to his wealth he will increase his wrath.
11 A hasty quarrel kindles a fire,
   and a hasty dispute sheds blood.
12 If you blow on a spark, it will glow;
   if you spit on it, it will be put out;
   yet both come out of your mouth.