18He who lives for ever created the whole universe;
2   the Lord alone is just.
4 To none has he given power to proclaim his works;
   and who can search out his mighty deeds?
5 Who can measure his majestic power?
   And who can fully recount his mercies?
6 It is not possible to diminish or increase them,
   nor is it possible to fathom the wonders of the Lord.
7 When human beings have finished, they are just beginning,
   and when they stop, they are still perplexed.
8 What are human beings, and of what use are they?
   What is good in them, and what is evil?
9 The number of days in their life is great if they reach one hundred years.
10 Like a drop of water from the sea and a grain of sand,
   so are a few years among the days of eternity.
11 That is why the Lord is patient with them
   and pours out his mercy upon them.
12 He sees and recognizes that their end is miserable;
   therefore he grants them forgiveness all the more.
13 The compassion of human beings is for their neighbours,
   but the compassion of the Lord is for every living thing.
He rebukes and trains and teaches them,
   and turns them back, as a shepherd his flock.
14 He has compassion on those who accept his discipline
   and who are eager for his precepts.