19 when he says, ‘I have found rest,
   and now I shall feast on my goods!’
he does not know how long it will be
   until he leaves them to others and dies.

20 Stand by your agreement and attend to it,
   and grow old in your work.
21 Do not wonder at the works of a sinner,
   but trust in the Lord and keep at your job;
for it is easy in the sight of the Lord
   to make the poor rich suddenly, in an instant.
22 The blessing of the Lord is the reward of the pious,
   and quickly God causes his blessing to flourish.
23 Do not say, ‘What do I need,
   and what further benefit can be mine?’
24 Do not say, ‘I have enough,
   and what harm can come to me now?’
25 In the day of prosperity, adversity is forgotten,
   and in the day of adversity, prosperity is not remembered.
26 For it is easy for the Lord on the day of death
   to reward individuals according to their conduct.
27 An hour’s misery makes one forget past delights,
   and at the close of one’s life one’s deeds are revealed.
28 Call no one happy before his death;
   by how he ends, a person becomes known.